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Ian Killick — Personal Photo Organiser

Do your memories need to be Photorganised?

We all take loads of digital photos on our phones, cameras and tablets, but how much spare time do we have to do anything with them apart from view them and share them on social media?

I am proud to be one of the first dedicated Personal Photo Organisers in the UK and am passionate about helping people and companies with their photo collections – to organise, enjoy and preserve them more than ever before.

If you value the memories that your photos provide, why not take a look at the services offered below and contact me if you require my help? I provide a personal service to clients locally and worldwide, where you can provide me with your digital photos, ready for me to:

Why do people use my Photorganised services?

  • To Save Time

    They tell me that because they lead such busy lives, they rarely get the chance to sit down and regularly edit, organise, print and backup their photos. I can free up your time so that you will be able to enjoy your photos even more with little effort.

  • For Expertise

    They feel they do not have the technical expertise to manage their photo collection themselves.

  • To Own Something Tangible

    Because they believe that PHOTO’S ARE NOT JUST FOR SCREENS – they tell me that they do not just want their photos on their phones and PCs – they want photo books and other hard copy products created as gifts or treats to look at by themselves or with friends and family.

  • To Safely Preserve Memories

    They are concerned about the possibility of a ‘DIGITAL DARK AGE’, which has been mentioned in the media, and considers a potential ‘lost generation’ of photos due to changes in computer equipment and file formats over time. They understand the need to have PAPER-BASED VERSIONS OF THEIR PHOTOS AS A BACK UP to preserve their memories for longer because these do not rely on any particular computer system to be viewed.