How do I Photorganise your memories?

Windows Folders by Year_portraitWe would first need to arrange a free consultation, to ascertain your requirements and create a customised plan of action. We can meet locally, chat via video conferencing, over the phone or email. Basically, wherever you live, be it Somerset/Dorset UK or anywhere in the world, I can help you!

We can devise a solution tailored to you – not everybody has the same requirements. You may only require one of my services, or a combination of them. You may for example not require your photos to be edited, but may want them organised into a logical structure plus photo books created. Or you may have already organised your photos and want help with backing them up so they are safe.

As every client’s requirements are unique, I am unable to list any prices until we have had a free consultation to establish your needs. I will then create you a customised plan of action and will provide you with a quote based on the complexity of the project.

At our initial consultation, we would establish where all of your digital photos are stored and arrange how I would obtain a duplicate copy of them to be able to work on. You may wish to use my ‘Transferring’ service where I would, in person, take copies from all of your devices and add them to one location ready for me to copy to my external hard drive. Or you may already be in a position to send copies of your photos to me via cloud-based services such as Dropbox or by sending physical media in the post eg. CDs/external hard drives.



The first step towards being Photorganised is to have your photos transferred from your devices (eg. camera, phone, tablet) and onto a computer, which is something I can do for you, should you require it. The photos from all of the different devices are then on one device (ie. PC/Mac), ready for the next stage of organising them.



Mylio - All PhotosI can organise your photos which have come from multiple sources (cameras/phones/memory cards/external hard drives) into a logical folder structure (eg. by date/event).

There are numerous solutions for organising digital photos, which can be chosen according to how you would like to view your photos, cost and how technical you are feeling! I can organise photos using a basic Windows Explorer/Mac Finder structure, right up to a fully interactive software solution such as Mylio, for which I am a Certified Affiliate.



Sometimes, despite your very best efforts, the photographs you’ve taken aren’t always quite as professional as you’d like. If you need to bring them up to a standard you can be proud of, I can undertake some basic Photoshop edits on your photos – such as:

  • Removing/reducing red eye (to stop people looking like monsters!)
  • Brightening pictures so you can see the detail better and correcting the colours (I can stop people looking yellow in photos from the indoor lighting!)
  • Straightening (you know, where there is a seaside photo and the horizon isn’t straight, so it looks like the ship is sailing downhill or a building photo where it is looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!)
  • Cropping (to get rid of unnecessary background and show off the main subject of the photo)
  • More! These services will develop as I test Photoshop to the limit!



If you are fed up of only viewing your photos on a screen, then why not turn them into products so you can enjoy them in different ways and give them as gifts? I am really passionate about helping people view their photos in different ways!


Wedding compendium book by Photorganised 2Personalised photobooks (the modern photo album) look lovely when they have been created, but as you will know if you have ever made one, they take a lot longer than expected! I can take the time you maybe do not have available to arrange your photos in a book layout, add any required text and show you a digital proof, before the printed version is produced.

Wedding book by Photorganised 1I have tried various online photobook services over the last decade, but generally for my Photorganised work I like to use a professional UK-based printing company, which is used by many pro photographers to produce books for their clients. They offer many different types and designs of photobook to cater for all needs and budgets.

I have been making photobooks as Yearbooks for my young children for the last 9 years, which we all love looking at. People always comment on how nice they are and how they wish they got round to doing it too. I have also created wedding, corporate, birthday, holiday, baby and hen weekend photobooks for clients, which have been greatly received.


You may simply need me to order prints of your photographs to add into a traditional album. I say ‘simply’, but there is more to ordering prints than meets the eye! As images are taken on the camera at a certain ratio eg. a traditional camera image ratio is 3:2, when you attempt to print these images at a different ratio, eg. a 7×5 print (which is not a 3:2 ratio), there will be a certain level of cropping applied. By default, the computer program used to order your images will keep the middle section of the photo and crop the edges. This is fine, unless the part of the image you want to keep is on the left or right hand side. Then you would manually need to move the crop box to the correct place. Manually doing this for each photo takes a long time! Why not let Photorganised take the strain?



Many people I deal with mention that they have not made a secondary copy of their photos and are worried about losing their precious memories, should that single copy get lost, damaged or fail. At Photorganised, I follow the 3-3-2 approach to photo backups. This is to make at least 3 copies of your photo collection, on 3 devices and in 2 different locations.

Backblaze Control Panel - PhotorganisedHaving your photos on different devices is important because if one fails, or gets lost, you still have another copy. CD/DVDs and hard drives are known not to last forever, therefore it is important to have a backup copy so it can be transferred to a new device should one fail. Having a paper-based version (eg. photobook) is advised also.

Location is significant, because for example if your home suffered an unfortunate incident such as a fire or flood, if you had both copies of your photos stored there, they could both be destroyed, leaving no copies of your memories. However in this same situation, if one of your copies was stored at a friend or family’s home in a different location, or on a cloud-based service, then you would have another copy.

We can recommend particular backup devices and cloud-based services to use and then set your backups in place. Mylio is a clever piece of software that helps you centrally manage all of your backups, but there are other alternatives also.

At Photorganised, I am very focussed on helping people gain reassurance that their photo memories are backed up, so they can be viewed for many years to come.



There may be other issues that affect your photo collection that I may be able to help with. You may need help understanding your camera, phone, tablet or computer and I can try my very best to assist. I have to state that I am not a trained I.T. Technician but have been using computers for 20 years and cameras for 30 years, so may just have the solution you need! Photo sharing, anti-virus software updates and adjustments to camera settings are some of the issues I have recently helped clients with.